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Scott Josephson


We are proud to unleash Act II.

You’ve been ushered into The Decade. You have a pretty good idea about what Tre Fab means. But uncertainty lingers. . . what will come to pass in the seemingly dream-like landscape of Xavier-enhanced Manhattan?

If you’ve been gnashing your teeth and racking your brains over what will happen in the final Act of Desolate METROPOLIS, the wait is over!

For those of you just joining us, we encourage you to enjoy Act I before proceeding further.

In our last installment, we met a simple street vendor and his fashion obsessed friends, a pair of twirling poets, and a crude employee of the adult entertainment industry. Weaving tales of survival and struggle, surface and submission, these seven converged for an evening on the tiles at Redrick Xavier’s penthouse apartment. Drink and drug were passed. Speeches resonated the cavernous residence. A single gunshot. And then silence.

Your questions will be answered.

If you have not had a chance to become acquainted with the voice artists responsible for breathing life into The Decade, bios are currently available for this immensely talented quintet. We will also feature an interview with Jordan Pier — our production’s eternally gifted composer — who provides insight into his songwriting process and shares his role in our Desolate METROPOLIS.

Coming soon, we will offer a behind-the-scenes look at how we constructed this production — from editing a script for radio and holding rehearsals via Voice over IP conference call, to our rainy recording afternoon in a suburban home studio.

Thank you for listening to Desolate METROPOLIS. Please tell your friends and family about this production. Spread the word about The Decade. . . before you forget.


Desolate METROPOLIS is a fresh and daring drama by Scott A. Josephson, which mocks the Fashion Industry. Set in Greenwich Village, an eclectic blend of stylish couture enthusiasts, cynics, poets, and miraculous minds exchange souls in a tale as darkly delicious as it is haunting and hilarious. Originally composed for the stage in the Summer [...]